Day 9 Travelling to Majete

drying nsima

Veronica drying Nsima

We stayed the night at Veronica’s and woke up at 7 to see Gift and his two daughters leave for work and school. During breakfast (coffee with plain bread) we discovered that Veronica’s cousin was the founder of MACRA (Malawian Telecommunications Agency). Veronica phoned him and he asked Remco to meet him. This will most probably happen on Monday when we pass through Blantyre on our way back to Zomba. When we left the house of Veronica she was drying the maize in the sun to make Nsima. This is the traditional food in Malawi. We tried it, could not detect any taste but it sure fills your stomach.


After driving for 1 1/2 hours we arrived at the main gate of Majete Wildlife Reserve. They gave us a map how to drive to the lodge with the instructions not to leave the car under any circumstances. On our way there we saw already Impala’s, Baboons and Waterbucks. We were welcomed by Mark with a fresh drink and he explained the rules again and especially what NOT to do because the animals walk around freely. In the dark on our way back to the ‘tent’ we should be escorted by an armed ranger.

our tent

Our tent

We arrived before lunch and were offered a tasty quiche in the coseyrestaurant looking at the water where lots of animals come to drink.

restaurant majete

Restaurant Majete

There was a game drive at 3 o’clock so we decided to attend. Jimmy was our driver/ranger and he explained again the rules while being in the wild. ]

During the gamedrive we were ‘hunting’ (Remco calls it DXing) for Elephants. We saw two solitairy ones but not a whole family. We did see a lot of other animals, especially Impala’s, (also called AFI’s (African Fucking Impala’s) because they are everywhere), Wrathogs (Pumba’s), Waterbucks, Baboons, Crocodiles, Hippo’s and an eagle (not the world famous Malawian fish eagle ;- ) eating a squirrel. It is hard to make nice picture’s of the animals. I discovered this when trying to make a picture of a Crocodile. It seemed that the crocodile was a few yards further and that I took a picture of a rock ….

rock ………                       croc

When we returned from the game drive it was almost dark, we drank something at the lower side of the restaurant overlooking the waterhole (where a lot of animals ‘meet’)  and at night there is a camp fire.

campfire site

Camp fire site


Patricio, the Park manager, met us and we had a nice chat about the park and how it has developed over the last 10 years . He is very proud of Majete, now being the number one park of Malawi. And he should be!

After a wonderful dinner and relaxing moments near the camp fire we went back to our tent and prepare for our first night amongst the wild animals of Majete, Malawi!


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