Day 10 ‘News to use or to loose’

We had a good sleep, although Remco woke me in the middle of the night because he thought he saw an Elephant standing in front of our tent…. By daylight it turned out to be a tree!

view from our tent

view from our tent

When we arrived in the restaurant for breakfast Mark, the host, encountered us with ‘News to use or to loose’ : Malawi had a new president! The court decided the elections to be correct. After a wonderful breakfast we spend the rest of the morning relaxing in and around our tent.

We red some books about the wildlife in Africa and we were surprised to find this one!


Scatalog, guide to animal droppings


This is the real elephant poop, quite fresh!


We had a great lunch (fish and chips). Sadly we found out that our boat game drive was fully booked so we decided to go to the heritage center, which was built by the idea of my aunt Anne. (“Annie” als they call her in Majete). The heritage center is built for school classes to be informed about the wildlife in order to learn the children at early age the importance of it.

remco at heritagecenter

Remco at the heritage center










Close to the heritage center, which is at the main gate of Majete, is also a restaurant, with a terrace overlooking a waterhole and a campsite for the daily visitors. Back at our lodge we enjoyed a drink next to the campfire looking at the baboons and the waterhogs arguing.

relaxing campfire

Relaxing moments near the campfire

After dinner we went to bed early because the game drive starts at 6 am!


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