Day 11 Majete

The alarm went off at ten to six AM. We got dressed and drank a quick cup of coffee before we went on the game drive.

gamedrive busje

going on a game drive

We started our game drive with the hunt for lions and rhinos. These animals are very shy so it is a real challenge to see them. After almost two hours trying we had to accept we would not see them in Majete. We did see several other animals, like Zebra’s, Impala’s, Nyala’s, Whrathogs and of course Baboons. We ended with a drive along the riverside. There we saw what I hoped for, an elephant family. There was also a very tiny one.



little elephant

olifant dichtbij

This elephant came very close to our car.

This elephant came very close to our car.
During our lunch we learned that again our boot trip was overbooked. Jimmy, the ranger, advised us a night game drive. Remco and I had already discussed that but we were afraid we could not see anything. He told us to give it a try, so we did.
At 5 o’clock we were ready for our night game drive. We were going to try the same track as this morning in order to meet the lions. Jimmy was this time accompanied by John, an armed ranger. I was happy to see John, we found out he had a  gun with him. (I am reading a book about the war against poaching in Kenia and the gun is not only needed against wild animals in Africa). John  helped Jimmy while holding an extreme flashlight. In the light you can see the eyes shine from the animals in the bush. Unfortunately we didn’t. We drove to a view spot and sat there for about 15 minutes, to listen to the sounds of African Wildlife, to have a drink and to hope there was an animal coming to drink at the waterhole we were overlooking. This waterhole did not have a light so all I could see was …. darkness ….

view at the waterhole by night

But I really enjoyed the noise of all the animals and the amazingly amount of stars, how beautiful that is! Finally we encountered a big group of elephants again which a different feeling to see them in day light and at night time.

After dinner Mark had made us a nice campfire (just for the two of us because the other guests all left today) and we enjoyed it for a while and finally went to bed for our last night in the African Wild for now!


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