Good news and bad news…

Good news: when we returned yesterday we modified the 10 and 15m VDA’s into 12 and 17m. The 40m deltaloop was replaced by a 30m VDA (!) The antennas perform very well.
During my first stints on 17m I faced ‘the mother of all pile ups’ in SSB. Incredible…

Bad news: it appears that the switching FETs in my 48V power supply broke.
As a result 7QNL has around 10 dB less output :- (

(Unfortunately) broken 48V power supply… No replacement FETs  :- (

Although having less output (around 60W) I encountered a huge pile up (of JA’s) on 30m.

30m VDA @7QNL (top is ~16.3m high)


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