Day 12 Back ‘Home’

truck for president

Malawian in truck

Again an early morning for us. We wanted to leave early back to Mpalaganga because  Remco ‘needed’ 😉 to rearrange the antennas. We left Majete before 8 o’clock and arrived in Blantyre around nine. Malawi has a new president and we found out very soon that today was a big day for Malawi. There was an inauguration event for the president at the stadion in Blantyre. We saw many many Malawian traveling to Blantyre, by  car, by minibus, by foot but mostly by truck. They were all wearing clothes with pictures of the president, singing and shouting happily. It was special to see this event. (We were told to expect some riots because of the elections, but this was something else)

Seeing the happy people in the streets to Blantyre is a bit of a contrast for us as we remember our discussions with the Malawians we met. They have been telling us that they do not expect much from the new president. If changes of importance could really happen this is not the president to be. But seeing all the smiling people gave an energetic boost for us, and I hope especially for them,  so maybe this will be a good start for Malawi.

Arriving at Mpalaganga we directly

car to president

on their way to the inauguration

started rebuilding the antennas. It was a hot day today so we had a hard job to do. But we succeeded putting our skills together (scouting and antennas knowledge) within 3 hours, including filming part of the process. So Remco started happily to make a way through the pile up.


Having dinner with Olaf and Catharina we discussed again the circumstances the hospital. It is heartbreaking to hear (and for them to tell) that they lost so many people because of the lack of material. For instance, there is no working telephone in the hospital because the bill is not paid. When a patient is in the hospital he relies on his relatives to care for him or her. There is no food, no changing beds/clothes. Some patients have to be in a bed together with another patient or they are lying on the floor on mattresses… About the material, it is not there, or not working or no one knows how it works ….. Astonishing.
But as they always say  …. TIA (This is Africa)!

remco working the pile up

Remco working the pile up

During the evening is Remco having a hard time working the pile up but he is doing a good job. Unfortunately after dinner the power supply of the amplifier broke. So he has 10 times less output. But still enough to give everyone an ATNO (All Time New One).



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