Day 13 Zomba again

Today we woke up early, we are getting used to it. Remco started to explore his power supply but found out it was really broke. Trying to repair it he blew a few fuses (these are inside the power plugs, English version in Malawi). We returned our rental car and went to the market to get some new fuses, buy some vegetables and buy the things on the shopping list Felista gave us. Driving our way to Zomba, on my own in my aunt’s car ;-), I noticed that they did a great job working the road to Zomba. Every time we pass it, it looks like nothing much happens but after a few days of absence the progress is clearly  visible.
The road construction is very different, of course, from the way we are used to. The trees are pulled down and the wood will be used.


trees down

The rocks are being prepared for the road by someone who sits on it and uses his hammer to turn the rocks into shape.


road work

Working the road

the road is stamped with the sand from the side of the road with these machines.


Watering the road

then they water the road to make it harder.
Finally they put the rocks on top

vacuumcleaners carwash

These vacuumcleaners we saw in Blantyre, used for the carwash?!

It strikes me the way my mind works. Although we have been in Africa for two weeks now and I am almost getting used being here I realize that I keep thinking in an European way, concerning the work for the road but also on other matters. For instance when Remco and I woke up at Veronica’s house a few days ago we heard a certain sound. I thought it was the vacuum cleaner, Remco thought it was the washing machine. But seeing her house you immediately know they are no such machines in the house.


reparatie broodrooster

handy man!

In the afternoon we made ourselves useful in te house. The lamp and the toaster are working well again. In the toaster we discovered two spiders and some dirts from a mouse (?). But the toaster is working again and will make the bread less dry.

After a last dinner with our neighbors, they are flying home tomorrow.We did our usual thing. Remco working the pile up and I was reading. A relaxing day and evening!

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