Day 14 Mpalaganga

zonopgang met antennes

Good morning Mpalaganga!
We woke up with a nice view and another beautiful day. I made myself comfortable in the garden and Remco was at his usual spot!

viewfrontofthe houseview from the front of the house

In the afternoon we went back to Zomba to collect ‘our’ rental car again. We discovered that they drove on our petrol, and may be even emptied the tank, so we had a bit a little discussion about it. Petrol is expensive here in Malawi so as Saulos predicted us, ‘they will make a profit of delivering a car with an empty tank’.

We went to Casa Rossa to have dinner. It is a restaurant run by an Italian guy and it is high above Zomba so you have a nice view (if it is not misty like it was). The dinner was really good with a glass of wine, we enjoyed the view and ourselves.

remco at casa rossa


On the way back we drove both cars home. It was dark and as it turned out, both our cars had no back lights. It was an impressive ride back. Driving alone in the dark, on my bare feet (I forgot not to wear flip flops), bumping on the road trying to avoid the pits and the people on the road, smelling Africa, looking at the beautiful sky, Remco driving in front of me and all I could do was smile and feeling good! I thought about my children Thijs, Niek and Imke and wanting to show them this part of the world. I really hope I come back here soon to do so.
Back at Mpalaganga I went to bed early and Remco stayed up ‘a little bit’ longer to reach his 5000 QSO (radio connections) which he achieved.


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