Day 15 Lake Malawi, here we come!

Today we went on a trip to Salima, Senga Bay. We booked a lodge at Lake Malawi. It is a drive of 250 km, so we had a long drive a head. When we drove  through a little town close to Zomba we saw the police with a camera. And … we got a speed ticket. At first we were surprised to see the camera, but they showed us the picture and it was indicated. We drove too fast. We payed 5000 kwacha, which is about 10 euro. Ok, we said but we would like to take a picture of the speeding camera. Unfortunately we were not allowed.


(picture speed ticket)

We continued our trip enjoying the ride, It was a relatively good road and it was nice to see another part of Malawi and all the Malawian people on the road. kinderen langs de weg

At the several police stops we sometimes had to show our international drivers license but mostly just made a chat and we could continue our trip and only stopped for a refreshing coke.

opening a coke

We arrived at Safari Beach Lodge and got into our lodge. Such a nice view at an amasing spot!

lodge safari beach

After a refreshing swim, a drink at the bar

cocktailbar remco

and dinner we sat near our lodge just enjoying the view and the sounds. sunset safaribeach



One thought on “Day 15 Lake Malawi, here we come!

  1. Hoi Saskia en Remco,

    Op de foto zie ik Remco met 2 flesjes Carlsberg. Was de Heineken uitverkocht? 😉
    Mooi verslag. Goede reis terug!

    groeten, Ruud

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