Day 16 Crocodile Farm, Lunch and Market in Salima

Early rise again for us just because we woke up early and the view was so beautiful. We saw a rock-rabbit in front of our lodge. Remco took a picture and then suddenly a big baboon came in and jumped in front of us. baboon

During breakfast we heard a lot of shouting in the neighborhood. It turned out to be the auction of the fish in the village next to the lodge.

fish auction

We decided  to see a Crocodile Farm. It is the biggest farm in Malawi where they breed crocodiles for the skin and their meat. We learned that they pull the teeth of these crocodiles so that they are not able to bite the one who takes care of them. They are slaughtered when they are 5 years old.


They keep a few older ones for the eggs. These ones are 35 years old en do have teeth!

We went for a lunch at a nice old fashioned British Hotel at the Lakeside.
children in lake malawi Children playing and fishing in the Lake

Afterwards we wanted to go to the market in Salima. We were quite a head turner for the Malawian. Two tourist, one bold and the other one very blond. After a while I realized my skirt was maybe a little too short for their standards ;-). We bought a few souvenirs at the shop where they make the school uniforms.


Some other pictures at the market in Salima
shoes at market salima Shoe and chicken sale


markt salima

Sitting on the side of the road we started counting how many people fits in a minibus, including big packets of maize and lots of luggage. It turned out to be 33, including 5 children. It took a while (about 30 minutes) and a lot of hassling to get everyone in, paying  the right price. It does not matter if you sit comfortable, you just have to be glad to have a way of transportation.

Around the minibus there are a lot of people cirkeling, offering food, water or fruits, because once you are in the minibus you can’t get out.

cirkeling around minibus

Also these ‘bicycle taxi drivers’ await the people from the minibus to transport them further to their destination.

bicycle taxi

Back at the Lodge we encountered a Dutch family who is traveling around Africa with their 2 children. They have a big landrover and do a lot of wild camping. Funny that you meet everywhere you go Duchies.

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