Day 17 Back ‘home’ again

During the night the wind started to blow real hard, so we had quite a restless night. We wanted to leave early so Remco could make some more QSO’s for the last time. Finally we left at 8 o’clock after a nice chat with Luis, a Spanish guy who is building a school in Senga Bay as a kind of charity holiday.
We drove back to Mpalaganga without any special delays. We made a few pictures and videos from the life in Malawi alongside the (bumpy) road and the way people travel in Malawi, like this one (see below).


cola op fiets

Arriving at Mpalaganga the antennas had a tough time in the wind. It was really a cold and windy day. We returned back to Zomba with two cars to return the rental car. We payed a little less for the rental car because there was still petrol in the car. After a little fuss Robbie, the owner, agreed with it. He couldn’t do anything else as Remco said to him he was  leaving anyway.
In Zomba we encountered a student demonstration for more books in their library.


We went to the market in Zomba, for the last time, to buy nice table cloths as a souvenir and take a last look at the town.

zomba shops

Afterwards  we went home and I had a quiet evening and Remco made around
800 QSOs that day. When he manages the pile ups he looks and sounds like a deejay!
Sometimes making a small chit chat, or a joke. But in all ways trying to work as many
stations in a straight, clear and fast way.

view from main road to Mpalaganga


One thought on “Day 17 Back ‘home’ again

  1. Goede vlucht terug!!
    Dank voor de leuke info en fotos en! De verbinding.

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