PA/7QNL <- back home!

After 58 (!) hours travelling we arrived home safe and sound.

We ‘lost’ one day due to heavy (!) fog/bad weather conditions at Blantyre Airport,
resulting in missing our connecting flights to Amsterdam.
With the help of ‘connections’ at Emirates our tickets were rerouted
(which is a story itself). Miraculously our luggage was routed correctly.

Due to the Karachi incidents we faced some issues (read: delays) in Dubai.
The whole airport felt nervous and was very crowded.
E.g. we were not allowed to ‘import’ coax cables via our hand luggage
into UAE. After Remco negotiated with UAE-customs our hand luggage
(with coaxes, rig etc etc) was allowed to ‘check in’ (separately).

As far as we could ascertain, all luggage arrived well in Amsterdam.

Remco received some mails concerning busted callsigns and/or errors.
Please route these mails to Alex PA1AW ( and issues will
be solved. Bottom line are the recordings, so don’t worry.

Total amount of QSO’s (excl dupes) is around 7700 (i.e. 7QNL and 7QØNL <- CQWPX).

At this time of writing some 7QNL is stored in Mpalaganga to reuse?

For now… we take some sleep, as spending 58 hours in/on airports
is not a vacation/DXpedition !

More to follow!



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