LOTW uploads done

It took longer then expected due to various technical reasons but yesterday the LOTW uploads were made. When you applied for LOTW upload and made your donation to the charity project your 7QNL and/or 7Q0NL qso’s should be confirmed now.

4 thoughts on “LOTW uploads done

  1. Hi Alex, I sent you an email but didn’t get a reply. I used the OQRS but didn’t see any LoTW confirmation of my qso.

    • Deepak,

      Your email was less then 24 hours before you sent this comment.
      A bit early to complain about not getting a reply I think…..
      Anyway, I sent you an email.
      I only received OQRS request from you. No LOTW request/donation.
      Please check your mail.

      73 Alex PA1AW

  2. So when will those who did not donate to the charity project be uploaded to LoTW?

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