Day 6 Shavingday and lunch at Tasty Bites

Remco and I have the deal that I am allowed to shave his head on holidays and special occasions. So today was the day and because he also has a beard of a week old I had a big job to do.

remco before Remco before remco kaal blog Remco afterwards

When we were ready and he was bold all over we went to Zomba for a lunch. We decided to go on our own and have lunch in Zomba. At first we had to buy airtime again, we were out of internet for 5 days because of lack of airtime.
For lunch we followed the instructions of Aunt Anne to find a nice place. She wrote down to go left at the traffic lights … but we didn’t see any traffic lights in Zomba. Finally we decided to have lunch at Tasty Bites. We enjoyed ourselves watching Zomba while sitting on the terrace. We had a meal for two and it was not bad. (Remco slaughtered a ‘baby chicken’)
plate and saskia tasty bites blog Saskia at Tasty Bites

During our lunch we bought a newspaper. The elections in Malawi were a week ago but it was quite a mess. It was not well organized and the present president will not accept the outcome. So  the Malawian are not happy. In the sports part of the newspaper was a news item concerning the dutch football.

newspaper dutch footbal blogl

We drove back to Mpalaganga on the bumpy road but it all went well and we managed to arrive safely back home. After dinner Remco tried a new kind (for him) of making radio contact, RTTY. It is almost like the old fashioned telex. I also tried to make a few contacts and it worked well. So I amused myself ‘RTTY’ing’ for a couple of hours.

saskia rtty'ingblog Saskia RTTY’ing

It was already late when we went to bed.

2 thoughts on “Day 6 Shavingday and lunch at Tasty Bites

  1. I approve the new Remco look! :))

  2. Hallo Remco & Saskia,

    Leuk jullie te horen op HF en om mee te lezen op internet!

    Remco, knap dat je mij er uit pikte op 21 MHz SSB… Ik kon je hier maar net horen boven de ruis (en PLT).

    Ik stop 100 Watt in een 10 meter lange spriet die op de grond staat boven wat radialen, eigenlijk bedoeld voor 7 MHz DX. En ik ben ook meer een CW-er. Maar dit is wel een nieuw land voor mij! En natuurlijk altijd leuk om een ex-collega te werken 😉

    73, Ben PE5B

    : je bent hier op een 10m lange vertical die op de grond staat – bedoeld voor 40m DX – net te horen boven de ruis,

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