Day 8 On our way to Blantyre

This morning we had to wake up early because Saulos would meet us at 9 o’clock to take us to Blantyre. We were busy packing our staff and Remco tried to make another few RTTY QSO’s before leaving, but encountered a power failure after several dozens of QSO’s. After that he was fed up and we left for Blantyre.
We were supposed to meet the lady at the MACRA, because Remco wanted to thank her for his license. When Saulos arrived we first went to the school, close to Zomba. The school is quite a long way from the main road. The idea is that the children have a school close to their home. It was ‘quite a thing’ to see all the children in the school and the way things are organised. Saulos is the coordinator of the school and he didn’t tell the teachers we were coming. We spoke with the teachers and the other staff and had some interactions with the children. We handed over the gifts (balloons and ‘bellenblaas’) and Remco was impressed by the solar system.

schoolkinderen en Saskia
Schoolchildren and Saskia.
(Mkanda Community Nursery School, sponsored by my aunt Anne.)

schoolmeisje Schoolgirl with doll.

schooljongetje Boys with playing tyres

We drove the same way back to the main road and continued our way to Blantyre. During the journey we talked a lot with Saulos about Malawi, the way the Malawian live and think and of course the elections. There is a lot going on about the elections. On our way to Zomba we saw little children throwing rocks at the incumbent president.

We had a quick snack at ‘Food Lovers’ and went to our appointment at the MACRA. After that we went to a bank to change money. We tried a bankomat and it worked (for one card). In the end of the afternoon we were supposed to meet Veronica, she is a good friend of my aunt Anne and she invited us to stay at her house for a night. We brought some Carlsberg (in Malawi there is only a Carlsberg Brewery, because they have a concession for 100 years) and also Kuche Kuche (a Malawian brand of Carlsberg).

We arrived at Veronica’s house around 4 o’clock. We had a beer and talked about the elections again. Apparently Veronica was also in the (regional) elections and she told us a lot of how it works with the voting, presidents, chiefs, parliament etc. We offered Veronica and her husband Gift a dinner in town so we went to ‘Ali Baba’ in Blantyre and ended with a beer in the Blue Elephant, a .

blue elephantsFltr: Veronica, Remco and Gift at the Blue Elephant club.


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