We, Remco 7QNL & Saskia, are planning a trip to Malawi from May 18 – June 9 2014.

QSL manager will be Alex PA1AW.

Remco is a former Director of the Dutch Weather Service, and Dep. Director General of
the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), and former Dep. Director
of the Dutch Radiocommunications Agency.

Nowadays Remco sometimes helps (inter)governmental organisations on (national) policy issues concerning telecommunications and spectrum management, and how to deal with supra national (e.g. UN) organisations in the fields of telecommunication and meteorology.

During this DXpedition/trip Remco tries to activate Malawi on 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, and 10m with CW and SSB as serious as possible (boundary conditions apply).
Depending on the material availabe, Remco will try a setup for 6m if not too much hassle.

It’ll be ‘autumn’ there, thus not in the peak of the summer on the Southern Hemisphere.
Have been in Madagascar (5R8NL) in November 2005 & 2007. Lower bands were a no go then.

Remco is a Rotarian and this DXpedition will include charity.
The yields will be used for a local project under strict and selected known local governance.

Saskia will take care of the (selection of the) project.

Of course we will enjoy the beauty and hospitality of Malawi ourselves, so a ’24/7
DXpedition’ is not planned. However, Remco expects to participate in the CQ WPX CW contest.

In the mean time we try to make as much contacts as possible for the fun,
to present Malawi to as much people possible, and.. fund raising.

More information follows.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice to work you on 10 meters in SSB. Have a safe trip home.
    73, Gerard – PD2GCM

  2. Hoi Remco,

    Veel plezier aldaar. En wie weet kom ik je nog tegen op de band.

    73, Adriaan PE2K

  3. Hi guys!
    Glad that You coming good enough but when You plan to be on 17m CW?
    I deadly concerned about this QSO with you!
    Have a good time over there!
    de Mike R9AB

  4. To Remco and Saskia ,

    Whish you a lot off succes at the project at Malawi and i am very curious , have a good trip and enyoy !

    Kind regards Jose

  5. Dear Remco and Saskia,

    I am amazed to see the project you have set up to accomplish. Although I don’t understand all the technical stuf and codes, I whish you all the best and hope the project will be executed as planned and you will return home safely.

    Kind regards,
    Martijn Julius

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