Operating Plan

Default operation will be split: CW up ≥ 1, SSB up ≥ 5 kHz, RTTY up ≥ 1 kHz.

Following TX frequencies are envisaged (+/- QRM, to be refined/updated in 7Q) :

80m 3.517 3.787 3.587
40m 7.017 7.087/7.187 7.047
30m 10.107 10.147
20m 14.017 14.187 14.087
17m 18.077 18.137 18.107
15m 21.017 21.287 21.087
12m 24.897 24.947 24.917
10m 28.017 28.487 28.087
6m 50.110* 50.110*

Please read the text below…

– The RF part of 7QNL will be a one man/’holiday style’ operation.
Goal is to offer Malawi to as many stations on as many bands as possible.

– If you can’t hear me, please don’t call.
– If you hear me, don’t call me on my TX frequency, I don’t listen there
(except during the CQ WPX, see below).
– Consider me as a Diesel engine around 25 wpm in CW (perhaps a little faster ; -)
– When you don’t fit into a partial call, do not call (e.g. when K3A? is called, don’t
respond with ‘IZ5XYZ’ or ‘JH7ABC’, viz. when you can’t hear me, don’t call).

– We do our utmost best to arrange ‘live’ internet. Based on the information
we have now, and to manage expectations: bottom line is ‘unassisted’ operation.

– There is nothing wrong with my ears. High QRN on the lower bands is expected.
– When I do not come back immediately for you on the lower bands (80, 40, 30m),
very likely I listen on a Beverage not directed towards you (provided you make enough ERP ;-).

– When I am off the air unannounced or do not respond (for a long time), almost certainly
a mains power failure will be the cause. Daily forecasted power failure is ~2 hours.
– When power comes up I have to wait until the voltage is ~230VAC (initial voltage after
a power failure may be ~290VAC … my power supplies don’t like that).

– Depending on pile up magnitudes, geographical areas and/or numbers
in callsigns may be announced (e.g. EU, NA, NA 6,7 or Asia, etc.).

– From May 29th – June 1th there is no operation. We visit Majete Wild Life Reserve then.

– Internet access is said to be (limited) available. We will do our utmost best to upload
logs daily to our QSL manager PA1AW. Look here.

RTTY: ClubLog reveals that ‘digi’ modes from Malawi are very rare.
For this reason I’ll try (some) RTTY too.

– *50 MHz: When internet access is stable I try to be on the KST-chat.
Focus is 50.110. When propagation is good, QSY to 50.097 CW or 50.127 SSB.
Not sure about MS (FSK441) activity.
Note: Due to lack of propagation (monitored by several old six friends of
cycle  22 with an SMS hotline to me) no 6m activity was deployed. TEP season was over.

– Operation during CQ WPX CW contest:
I try to use above mentioned CW frequencies if possible / when not occupied.
Simplex will be default. When the pile up becomes too big, split is an option
(although heavily debated during contests, sorry… )

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