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For this DXpedition we will use the CLUBLOG.ORG logsearch and OQRS (Online QSL Request System). This will be available as soon as the logs come available which we hope is during the DXpedition but fully depending on internet access. OQRS will also be available for buro cards.

Alex PA1AW is our QSL-manager and administrative contact, with an outstanding track record.

Please note that QSL cards will be designed and printed after the DXpedition is finished.

As fundraising is an important goal of this DXpedition we request a donation additional to the costs of getting out the QSL.

Although the OQRS system is preferred, and will help us to get the cards to you on the shortest possible notice, you can also request a QSL the tradional way:

Fundraising is an important part of this DXpedition.

Your donation is warmly welcomed.

Let us explain why we come to a $ 3 starting “price” on the OQRS form:

  • All is based on the cost for QSL (printing, postage etc) for a single card
    • The cost for sending QSL = $ 2
      • Postage International letter = € 1,05 = $ 1,36
      • Envelope =  € 0,04 = € 0,05
      • QSL card = € 0,13 = $ 0,16
      • PayPal fee = $ 0,42
    • We suggest a donation for our charity project $ 1

Tips on how to succesfully QSL direct via PA1AW:

  • Use the correct QSL address :

Alex van Hengel, PA1AW
Ganzenkant 21
2995VC Heerjansdam
The Netherlands

  • Make sure sufficient return postage is included.
  • There is no difference in postage between Europe and the World.
  • Only $ or € are accepted.
  • IRC can not be accepted !!! (the postoffice does not accept them anymore, sorry).
  • Cards received without sufficient return postage are handled like buro QSLs.
  • Make sure a return SAE (self addressed envelope) with your complete address is included.
  • Please make sure your country is mentioned in English.
  • In doubt ? : send a mail to qsl@pa1aw.nl


The logs will be uploaded to LOTW one year after the DXpedition.

If you wish or need LOTW confirmation please make a donation to the MalawiHF charity project and let us know by mail to malawihf@pa1aw.nl



2 thoughts on “QSL info

  1. I could hear you today at 22:00 UTC on 7087 LSB in Santiago of Chile.

    A lot of noise in the Band and Local splatter.

    Best regards.

  2. I could hear you today on 28.487 USB in Boston MA. USA but could not make contact. 16:35UTCMAY222014, I’ll keep an Ear out. KB1LNA “Low Noise Amplifier”

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